Promoting The Constitution Of South Africa To Support The Dignity, Equality And Freedom Of South Africans

Based on a recent study, it was discovered that only 10% of South Africans have read the Bill of Rights or have had the Bill of Rights read to them.Take a moment to read the Constitution.  It could change the way you look at South Africa and the world.

Take A Moment To Read The Constitution.

It could change your outlook on South Africa and its people

Read The Constitution

Celebrating 20 Years of the South African Constitution in 2016

During 2016, South Africa will celebrate 20 years of the Constitution since the final version of the South African Constitution was adopted in 1996. Our Constitution and its Bill of Rights is regarded as one of the most progressive in the world. The Constitution protects our right to vote, our freedom of speech, our right to access basic education and our right to be treated equally in addition to many other rights. However, many South Africans appear to be unable to connect the rights contained in the Constitution with the freedoms they enjoy in post-apartheid South Africa. A recent study suggests that 90% of South Africans have never read the Bill of Rights.

During 2016 – the year in which we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the adoption of our Constitution – take a few minutes to read the Constitution and broaden your knowledge on your rights and the rights of other South Africans. It is imperative that we engage with the Constitution – we need to understand what this important document can do to protect our rights but also to recognise and understand its limitations. Reading the Constitution is only the beginning – ultimately, we should all strive to implement its human rights values in our personal lives, within our families and our communities.

Read the Constitution here.

International Human Rights Day – 10 December

South Africa’s national Human Rights Day – 21 March

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